We are SOOFT Technology, a world of solutions.

We are a company formed by a group of people specialized in the latest generation of Agile software development and IT resource outsourcing, based in Córdoba, Argentina. We count with a wide international reach and more than 150 successful projects


With our services, we move fast and strong to provide cutting-edge and customized technological solutions, complying with high international quality standards.


Successful Projects

Creativity is our renewable resource.

We are profesionales highly trained professionals in software engineering and we are motivated by challenges. Our passion and commitmens to create new possible scenarios with high value-added technology dar respuesta a las necesidades deto respond to the needs of our customers in particular, and our environment in general.



To generate a long-term relationship with our clients and collaborators, becoming technology partners of high strategic value, as well as providing innovative and novel technology services.


To be acknowledged as one of the top 10 Technology and software development companies in Argentina and Latin America, covering all private and public business sectors. To be the company that IT professionals choose for its outstanding working conditions.


At SOOFT Technology we promote a culture of research, innovation and quality in everything we do, with social and entrepreneurial responsibility.

  1. 1 Committed to our customers.
  2. 2 Originality in our solutions.
  3. 3 Constant innovation.
  4. 4 Teamwork.
  1. 5 Providing the best work environment.
  2. 6 V Service vocation.
  3. 7 Responsible towards the environment and society.