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Companies have systems that work well but they work with s information silos that are poorly integrated, making it difficult to have an omnichannel vision and to exploit client and product data to improve their processes. .


Data Science allows to achieve a hyper-customization of clients, offering the right product or service for each one of them, thus achieving a much more successful (cross-selling, conversion rate) and more efficient (acquisition cost) sales closure. In addition, and thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the system "constantly learns from each interaction", which allows a continuous improvement and progress.

What does SOOFT reach for your company?


1. We increase and accelerate your sales using Artificial Intelligence.


We drastically reduce sales cycles and their associated costs.


We digitally transform your company to be agile and flexible to changes.

" Investment in digital transformation and technology is no longer an option...they are a necessity for companies that want to inhabit the world to come." "

Germán Destefanis

CEO - Chief Executive Officer


How does SOOFT Data Science help your company?

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The key is to capitalize and use the data and information generated by clients. By analyzing data, you can improve sales processes at different touchpoints.

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Touchpoints are the points of contact that are established with a customer or client. These can be both "offline" and "online" (a point of sale or a website). In each of these touchpoints, customers provide important data about their buying behavior that, if collected and analyzed correctly, can be converted into new sales opportunities for companies.

Sooft Techonology Clientes

3. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

At each touchpoint: a customer is won or lost; a sale is made or lost; a prospect is converted or lost. This is where Artificial Intelligence acts and helps by personalizing through an online or programmed recommendation system, and giving the best offer for that client, at that moment and through that channel or touchpoint. This recommendation system is born from what we call NBR (Recommendations Engine).

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4. NBR (Recommendations Engine)

The first thing we do at SOOFT is to find and assess what opportunities we have at each point of contact with your customers. That is, what touchpoint will we use and how will we build the NBR (Recommendations Engine) based on the data and information generated. Then, we enable it and measure the impact on the business.

Are you capitalizing your company’s data?

“A company that doesn't capitalize on its data will not only lose opportunities, but also customers.”

Martín Schuf

CDO - Chief Digital Officer


Kroger + Data Science

Sooft Techonology Clientes

"The supermarket chain, Kroger, hit a new record: a 70% return rate on their discount tickets."

With a personalized marketing campaign and after six weeks of learning and tweaking, 7 out of 10 sent E-mails had a shopper coming back to their stores.

In general, campaigns with discount coupons plus purchases (e.g. "Since you bought 10 milk cartons, you get 10% on your next purchase") tend to have a return rate of 3% in the USA.

Kroger applied Artificial Intelligence to 1) learn about their customer and analyze their shopping pattern; 2) extrapolate what products they would want to buy next based on similar records; and 3)] what type of discount motivates them the most:

a) a discount on the second unit /
b) a free third unit /
c) a percentage of the total purchase /
d) an absolute value discount.

" Knowing the customer is key to keep them coming back: we will know how to add value in each visit, knowing what to offer them, what they are looking for, what they need." “

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