We are leaders in providing in-company Resource Outsourcing Services (Technology Outsourcing) experts in Software Development / Functional Analysis / BI / Testing / Scrum Master / Project Leader / Infrastructure and Others.

A world full of problems is a world full of solutions.



IT resource outsourcing

OUR comprehensive service of providing specialized IT Resource (OutSourcing) guarantees the client a quick incorporation in two modalities: OFF-SHORE or IN-SHORE of highly trained professionals in the disciplines.

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Development cells provision

1. When production capacity is needed to be increased, agile cells provide knowledge and experience.
2. For end-to-end development, reducing deviations risk while managing uncertainty

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We are SOOFT Technology, a universe of solutions

We are a company integrated by a group of people specialized in agile software development and IT resource outsourcing, based in Córdoba, Argentina. We count with a wide international reach and successful projects in different countries.
We are motivated by challenges, and creating new possible scenarios for our clients with high value-added technology is our passion and commitment.

Quality politics

  1. Provide professional services from fast, insightful, professional and flexible information technology personnel for the rapid and complete execution of your projects.
  2. Provide the appropriate service for the development of custom software within the agreed deadlines
  3. Ensure the satisfaction of our clients and establish long-term relationships.
  4. Permanently contribute to the training and motivation of our HR, in order to achieve highly committed work teams to generate growth for our company by exploring new markets and business opportunities.
Sooft Techonology Clientes

All of us who are part of SOOFT Technology, starting from our address and going through all areas, are committed to complying with the legal, social requirements and those applicable to the activity and our priority is the Quality of the Service, which allows us relationships to long-term internal and external with our clients, collaborators and interested parties, strengthening the relationships generated to and from our company. The Management undertakes to communicate and disseminate said policy to all collaborators and personnel working for or on their behalf and relevant interested parties.


Successful projects

Building relationships, delivering great results.

Sooft Techonology Clientes
Sooft Techonology Clientes
Sooft Techonology Clientes
Sooft Techonology Clientes
Sooft Techonology Clientes

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Our people are what really make SOOFT a great company.